Calculette Free Mobile

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The launch of Free Mobile January 10, 2012 had the effect of a bomb in France. The buzz was so huge that everyone wanted to switch operator. But what are the cancellation fees? The calculator is there to respond.

By the end of the presentation of free mobile watched on the internet, nyroDev decided to set up an easy to use calculator to find out if it is still advantageous to change mobile operator or wait a little more interesting.

As nyroDev was the first to launch this tool, visitors have flocked en masse, with nearly 100,000 unique visitors the first day! The media return was also very important with articles in L'Est Républicain, Le Point, Les Echos, Gizmodo, Le Monde and many more ... Le Nouvel Observateur even bought the script to put on his own website.

The design has been done by him Miho during first day.