La Bible de Moutier-Grandval


The Bible of Moutier-Grandval was realized in 796 at the request of Charlemagne. Now in the British Museum in London, the Musée Jurassien d'Art et d'Histoire of Delémont wanted to create interactive terminals to share the history of this piece of art that has transited in the town museum in the 16th century.

The interactive terminals actually consist in touch screens connected to normal computers. Developed for webkit (Chrome or Safari), the application lets you navigate by simple click with transition animations from jQuery Booklet.

Navigation can be linear, using the next / previous buttons at the bottom of page, or more specifically through a menu at the top of this page that provides access to different sections of the explanation.

The entire application describes the history of this book which provides information on the performances of some important pages with gilded by hand illustrations.