Think and develop a website isn't an easy task.
From the conception to the realization of a website, many kinds of modelling or languages of programmation could be used to manage the project. I acquired referenced skills by using them during the differents projects I worked on.


PHP The server-side programation language for internet the most used for its flexibility and reliability. By using it with AJAX, we could deploy actual online web applications. With PHP7, it's possible to develop applications in a fully oriented object programation for a better efficacy in the development. Learn more


Symfony One of the most popular PHP framework, especially in France since it is created by a French company. Offering plenny of basic functionalities, it also has a very large community to get advanced features quickly for free. Learn more

Elastic Search

Elastic Search The fastest and most effective search software to perform advanced searches in a blink : full text, facets, advanced filters, statistics, etc... And everything always with a response time very quick! Learn more


HTML 5 This is the latest version of the language for creating web pages. Compatible and provided for all devices, you can display videos, use features of the graphics card via APIs, and so much more... Learn more


CSS 3 Cascadind Style Sheets (CSS) is used to describe the look and formatting of HTML pages. CSS3 allows for many effects with few lines of code, which reduces the weight of the pages. CSS3 also permits to make animations easily. Learn more


jQuery The most widely used JavaScript library because it allows not to worry about the differences between browsers. It also allows to implement simple animations quickly create dynamic interfaces. Learn more


MongoDB The No-SQL database fast, efficient and scalabale to store many data, which can be different from document to document. It is used to replace MySQL on project that get benefits from its specificity. Learn more


MySQL This is the free SGBDR used in most of case with PHP. Nowadays in its version 5, it enables a reliable and secured data storage all along the life of the website. Learn more

Merise, Conceptual Data Model

Merise, Conceptual Data Model This is a french representation of the relations between the database tables and improve the speed and facility to use them for some eventual future updates.


Nginx The web server known for its speed and ability to respond to a large number of request while consuming less memory. It also allows you to cache the answers, automatically compressed responses, and a whole bunch of configurations to improve the speed of sites. Learn more


And others... But the web is moving, and fast!
Learning a new language or a new type of programming is required many times. nyroDev adapts to the application and do the necessary research for all your projects. Contact me