About me.

I started to create websites at the age of 16 to tell the world about my passions at this time, I immediately adored this job.

It was in 2004 that I accelerated by creating my own business as a freelance to develop websites.
I almost worked only for Amenothès Conception; that I made great progress in client relationship, but also about the fine tweaks and tips on PHP.

In the same time, I studied at the University of Franche-Comté and obtained a DUT Services et Réseaux de Communication. I discovered databases modelisation, project management, JavaScript bases and server administration. With the art courses, I acquired a graphics awareness which allow me to have a more critical eye about graphic interface. I made my 3-months internship at Megalo(s), a web agency based in Annecy, where I developed using ASP.Net some webservices, an administration to manage dynamics games and some websites. At the end of this two-year diploma, I finished first of my class in 2006.

Once I had this diploma, I continued at the Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard to attend the courses of Computer Engineer. I chose the lessons regarding my needs: database modelisation deepening, UML, Java programming, but also computer laws and english.
At the end of the first year on this school, I did a 6-months internship at Fluidesign, Los Angeles CA, as a webdevelopper: (X)HTML, CSS, PHP and PHP framework, MySQL, JavaScript formed my daily schedule.
The company proposed me to stay more; I stayed there for 6 more months to work in this good mood with the Santa Monica beach view.
At this time I started the development of nyroModal, a jQuery plugin fully customizable to show modal window in JavaScript; it has been downloaded more than 20.000 times.
Coming back in France at the end of 2008, I took up my lessons at the UTBM again to pass my diploma in 2010 of Computer Engineer in «Software and knowledge engineering» with a minor «Business Management».

During all this time I kept developing as a freelance for French companies. The development of my own framework which is a mix between Symfony, Zend Framework and CakePHP allows me to develop faster and more serenely while keeping a total control on the source-code and letting me edit quickly and freely as soon as I need.