Société Forestière de Franche-Comté

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The Société Forestière de Franche-Comté (SFFC) aims to bring together men and women, having forests and their uses as an object of common interest, and to allow them to benefit from the actions it carries out for their promotion.

Developed with Symfony and nyroCms, the site is fully manageable in terms of both structure and content. Content modification is performed in a WYSIWYG interface where the visual is exactly what will appear on the site, with a notion of content blocks that can be easily managed.

The entire site can be used on all media and the integration has been designed to be optimized in terms of loading speed on the one hand, and for search engines on the other hand, without restricting the administrator who can choose these content blocks among those put in place during development: the site is therefore always in accordance with best practices and visually pleasing.

The design was created by Miho.