Crossfit Nice

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Crossfit Nice is a large facility, fully equipped with Rogue fitness, teamed with professional CrossFit qualified Coaches who will be with every athletes.

Developed with Symfony, the multilingual website is entirely manageable and allows the crossfit team to update the site whenever they want. Is is integrated in Responsive Design in order to be displayed correctly on mobile and tablet too.

WYSIWYG editors allow them to shape the content directly seeing the rendering of the final site. When videos need to be added (athlete of the month or video gallery), they simply enter the public URL of the video: the PHP code checks whether an embed is available for the URL and then save the URL to use for the public display. We can use youtube videos, vimeo, dailymotion, etc ...

The site iss built in HTML5 and CSS3, is hosted on the server nyroDev which is configured to compress and cache resources to the maximum.

The design was created by Miho.