Administration | Member zone is the site of freelance artists who do not want to bother with the calculation of Unemployment Insurance. It allows management fees online for instant calculation of Unemployment Insurance.

When the user has paid his annual subscription, it can manage its stamps, his employers, his defects, etc. ... in a protected area. Then a very precise calculation to calculate the offset of the intermittent sound Unemployment Insurance, if its 507 hours, etc. ... All these calculations have been algorithm after reading a 70-page document.

Many features were added to make the edit form of a stamp as simple as possible, with contextual support javascript or behaviors.

Graphics are displayed to show various statistics, it uses a library free Flash. If the flash is not available, then another bookseller PHP is used to generate an image almost identical.

The development of this site took more than 6 months. Numerous tests were performed to verify the accuracy of calculations.