Cartier Love

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Cartier create luxury jewelry since 1847. The collection Love of the famous jeweler has existed since 1970 and was renewed recently.

The site completely done in Javascript provides the various products of the collection in a clean view. The engine in 3 dimensions of the homepage has been completely rewritten to meet the specific needs and used the features of jQuery.

Particular attention was given to support Internet Explorer 6 for this site for, among others, the Chinese market. In collaboration with the creative team of Publicis Net, nyroDev developed almost all the features of the site javascript.

The most notable of them include the 3D engine of the home page, the navigation system without reloading, loading features on the fly and displays an indicator of loading.

Following the release of this site, many people initially thought it was a Flash site, evidence that animations and user interactivity have been well thought out and implemented.